Our Story

Many people crossed paths with God throughout the Bible. Abraham, David, Goliath, Daniel, Saul, Peter, the list goes on. Whatever the outcomeof their interaction, It can undeniably be stated that none of them remained unchanged from the experience. In the same way, we too encounter God. These moments confront us with crossroad-like choices that change our lives forever. Life is full of them. If these moments along our journey could be plotted on a map, they would be marked down as “waypoints”. Waypoints are those moments where your life intersects God’s plans. Navigating them is rarely easy and isn’t meant to be done alone. 

So, who are we? We are a loving community creating an environment of learning, exploring and engaging God as our lives intersect His plans. In short, were here to help one another. If you’ve found yourself here, you have undoubtedly come across a waypoint moment in your life journey. Let’s talk about it.