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Download our guide on how to read the Bible more purposefully.

Discover friends, family, and purpose

Check out the different ways to get involved at Waypoint Church.

  • Plan a Visit

    We want you to feel welcome and comfortable during your first visit to our church, so we've attempted to answer a few common questions.

  • Connect with a Small Group

    We have many small groups who share either a common interest, journey or life circumstance. All seeking to find a spiritual balance with God.

  • Volunteer with Us

    During the week, we meet in groups across Santa Barbara to live out the way of Jesus together through serving the community. Here is where we truly encounter the Waypoint lifestyle!

Not sure where to begin?

Our First Steps page lists the many different ways to get involved at Waypoint Church.

Build family with others in your stage of life.

We believe true connection happens beyond Sunday service. Our ministries meet in small groups outside of weekly services for fun activities, community service and group Bible discussions.

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