Find the group that’s right for you

Our small group ministries provide opportunities to build strong relationships with people who are at a similar life point.

  • Families

    Going through the journey together

    No matter what your story is, we believe that with God as the foundation, every family can thrive. Meet other parents and make friends so you can enjoy the journey together.

  • Professionals

    Changing how we think about life, relationships and career

    As singles, married couples, and young families, we are building powerful friendships to help each other balance between professional success and personal life success.

  • College & Teens

    Students with a greater purpose

    Our students come from different walks of life, each with a unique personal story. They are dedicated in making a impact not only on campus but througout the community.

  • Children

    Every child has a place to belong

    Our children’s ministry provides an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents as well provide a safe and fun environment for their children.

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